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    Still makes you kinda itchy, don't it?
    This was from outside the Plane-arium. Don't ask me, but Mr. Ball & Terence giggle uncontrollably when you leave the T out. We didn't get a chance to go to the Plane-arium, we thought Tuesday would be a cool night to go and they thought Tuesday was a fine night not to be open. Not to worry, Terence, his friend Arthur (who was kind enough to take us many places while I was there, and yet I'm lacking a picture. Bad me! I blame Terence), went in back of the Plane-arium and took some night shots.

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    This totally awesome image site, and all the pictures on it, were taken by me, Marisue. Any relation to actual people, places or things should be obvious, since they're pictures and not drawings, duh.