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    Pretty pretty
    This was a statue outside of Waterfront Station, the end stop for the Skytrain, and the place where the seabus launches from, every 15 mins. I just thought it was a real cool looking statue. The plaque goes on to say how it's dedicated to all the rail workers. Or something. I was hungry and we were on our way to dinner so I skimmed. ---- I recently received a mail from a disgruntled Candian who pointed out that this is a statue of a solider who died in combat dedicated to those who served in WWI and WWII and upset enough to spend the time chastising me for my lack of insight.

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    This totally awesome image site, and all the pictures on it, were taken by me, Marisue. Any relation to actual people, places or things should be obvious, since they're pictures and not drawings, duh.