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    This is about the time I went to Vancouver and spent some time there. See? :)

    1. Scenery, Take 1
    2. Scenery - Take 2
    4. Next stop - Main Street / SCIENCE WORLD
    5. The Entrance to SCIENCE WORLD!
    6. mm, burgers
    7. Welcome to the magical world of.. Bubbles
    8. Cheating the Bubble Odds
    9. M-I-C ...
    10. Bouncey Bubbles!
    11. It wasn't all bubbles...
    12. And then there was this...
    13. Speaking of the Dice Puzzle
    14. Meet Mrs. Ball!
    15. HAHA! I got the camera
    16. Yeah, you just try it..
    17. HOT HOT HOT
    18. I'm glad *I* have a verlo mattress
    19. Somebody has BIG HANDS
    20. What? We have to go?
    21. Goose, meet Gander
    22. On to the Aquarium!
    23. *SMOOCH*
    24. *LICK*
    25. Look. A Fish!
    26. duh nuh, duh nuh, duh nuh...
    27. Kodiak, the friendly Sea Lion!
    28. Down Boy!
    29. Smile, you're on Camera!
    30. Ooo, Whales
    31. Things are different up there, eh?
    32. Cute baby Alert!
    33. NICHOLE!!!!
    34. *GROPES*
    35. Mr. Ball
    36. Fly, Fly Angel, Fly!
    37. Crabs! But not the bad kind
    38. Bright lights, Big city
    39. Awwwww
    This totally awesome image site, and all the pictures on it, were taken by me, Marisue. Any relation to actual people, places or things should be obvious, since they're pictures and not drawings, duh.