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    I'm Cute!
    We spent a fair amount of time at the Aquarium watching the sea lion. He had a name, and it might have been Kodiak. If it wasn't it should have been because that's what I remember it as. Anyway, the sea lion rocked. There was an aquarium employee on hand to tell us that Kodiaks favorite game was called "Scare the stupid humans". He would swim up to the obersvation windows and make lunging attacks. The more reaction he got from the people on the other side of the glass, the more he'd "attack". When we were there, a woman was standing at the window with her guide dog. The dog had his nose near the window and Kodiak swam up and *BOOM* LUNGED towards the glass. The dog barked, Kodiak LUNGED again, the dog whimpered and hid behind his owner. Ahh, good times.

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    This totally awesome image site, and all the pictures on it, were taken by me, Marisue. Any relation to actual people, places or things should be obvious, since they're pictures and not drawings, duh.