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    Ooo, It's... humph
    So this is the thing thats outside the entrance of SCIENCE WORLD! Because Terence actually read the plaque what tells you what things are, we know that this used to be a piece of art that was donated to SCIENCE WORLD when it got to costly for the artist to maintain. See, it's all these balls, pool balls mostly, though there's a very slow moving bowling ball involved in the mix too. And these balls all have a route to take and once they get where they're going, much noise is produced. You'll have to trust me when I say not only is it very noisy in a good way, but it's very cool to watch. Or you could just go to SCIENCE WORLD! for yourself.

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    This totally awesome image site, and all the pictures on it, were taken by me, Marisue. Any relation to actual people, places or things should be obvious, since they're pictures and not drawings, duh.